Joint Blues Committee of Oxford and Cambridge Rules Regarding Varsity Match Eligibility

Drafted and approved by the Joint Blues Committee on 28 February 1983, with alteration approved on 13 November 1997 which came into force from 1 October 1998. Reviewed 12th March 2001 to come into force 1st October 2001.

A resident bona fide student member of the University is eligible to compete in a Blues Status Oxford versus Cambridge sporting contest, subject to the stipulations that he or she is:

  1. A matriculated and fully registered member of both a College and of the University for the current year according to both College and University academic registrar; and
  2. Registered for, and actively studying for, a recognised degree, diploma or certificate of the University; and
  3. In residence for at least the undergraduate (8 week) term in which the Varsity match falls, or the preceding one (if the match occurs in the 'holiday’ period following the term in question), fulfilling University residence requirements;

And either

  1. Is an undergraduate, thus reading for a first degree, in which case his or her eligibility continues until 30th September in the year in which he or she completes his or her undergraduate course;
  2. Or
    1. is already the holder of a degree from a recognised University and is therefore reading for a further degree, or for a diploma, certificate or higher degree of the University, in which case his or her eligibility is limited to four (4) postgraduate Varsity appearances. These four years need not be consecutive.
    2. The eligibility of such a graduate student is limited until his or her results are published in Reporter (Cambridge) or the Examination Schools (Oxford). However should extra work be required after a viva to complete academic requirements, then Varsity eligibility is extended until these requirements have been met but shall not extend beyond the academic year in which the original viva takes place.

Note: For all other non Blue status Oxford vs. Cambridge matches i.e. 2nd team competitions, the current BUCS eligibility criteria shall apply. This allows any current student on a recognised course of study within the University, irrespective of matriculation or number of years of previous participation the right to play.

*Currently the ISIS/Goldie crew are the 2nd team eligible for a half blue.

If you have any further queries please contact your respective Men's Blues Committee President, the Women's Blues Committee President, the Sports Federation President, Jon Roycroft (Senior Member Oxford's Blues Committees), Joan Lasenby (Senior Treasurer of the CU Women's Blues Committee) or John Little (Secretary of CU Men's Blues Committee). These Staff are all Members of the Joint Blues Committee of Oxford and Cambridge Universities.