Men's Blues Committee Constitution

Constitution of the Oxford University Men’s Blues Committee

Purposes of the Committee

The regulation and recording of awards of Full Blues, Half Blues, Extraordinary Full Blues, Extraordinary Half Blues and 1st or 2nd Team Colours.
The regulation of conditions for competing in the Varsity Match (See Appendix 1)
The supervision of colours and trimmings worn by OU Men’s Sports Clubs.
The mediation and arbitration between clubs should a difference of opinion exist.
The representation of University Sport as a whole where is necessary.
The awarding of the termly 'Men’s Blues Grant' (see Appendix 4).
The organisation of an Annual Awards evening for the presentation of new Full Blues, Half Blues and Team Colours.
Formation of a sub-committee to organize this event.
The organisation of an Annual dinner for the presidents and captains serving as representatives on the committee.
To maintain a database containint the information of past Blues awards and current captains. Currently available at



Attendance to Meetings

The Oxford University Men’s Blues Committee shall consist of the captains or presidents of all Full, Discretionary Full or Half Blue sports and the elected President, Treasurer and Secretary of the Committee itself.
The following shall be invited as observers: the President and Secretary of the Women’s Blues Committee, the Sports Director of Oxford University, the President of the Sports Federation.
The Captain or President of a club on the committee may invite his Secretary or Treasurer in an advisory capacity or in his stead to serve as a representative.
A club captain or his representative, must attend at least every third meeting of OUMBC. The continual sending of apologies is not sufficient as it means the committee is not representative.

Should a club representative not attend three consecutive meetings the blues status of their club will be put on probation and their status review brought forward to the following meeting. Should they then fail to attend this their status will be revoked. Whilst on probation, a club will be unable to award any Blues.



An annual affiliation fee of ten pounds shall be collected from each club (payable to Oxford University Men’s Blues Committee).
Any club that does not send a representative to a meeting, and fails to apologise to the secretary prior to the meeting will be fined 50% of the annual affiliation fee.
The Secretary is entitled to refuse to order Blues certificates for clubs who have outstanding fees or fines.
The President is entitled to remove the voting rights of any club which has not paid their annual affiliation by the end of Michaelmas Term, with the rights to be immediately reinstated on payment.
Clubs are required to be affiliated with University Proctors.  
Club Captains are required encouraged to send details of any awards (Full Blues, Discretionary Full Blues, Half Blues, University colours) within two weeks of their Varsity match or where otherwise arranged.



The President shall:

Chair the Termly meetings of the committee.
Oversee the general running of the Men’s Blues Committee.
Attend the Joint Blues Committee meetings with Cambridge.
Produce an annual report.
Oversee the organization of an Annual award ceremony.
Approve submissions into the Blues Database
Sign Blues certificates.


The Secretary shall:

Organise the venue and timing of the Committee meetings.
Send out notices of meetings, no later than two weeks prior to the meeting.
Send out an agenda at least three days before the meeting.
Take minutes at all Men’s Blues Committee meetings and be responsible for maintaining minutes.
Be responsible for helping the President organize the Awards presentation evening.
Carry out a contact detail check at the beginning of each term.
Send the details of the meeting to the Sports Federation President for advertising so that all captains will be made aware in spite of any erroneous omissions.


The Treasurer shall

Collect affiliation fees, and any fines.
Produce signed accounts on an annual basis.
Sign over accounts to the newly elected treasurer at the end of their tenure.
Pay out the termly OUMBC bursary from the OUMBC account

The OUMBC Account:

Both the President and the Treasurer shall be named as signatories on the account.
The Treasurer will be responsible for keeping the Committee's financial records.


4. Election Procedure

The Committee shall elect a President, Secretary and Treasurer at the end of every Hilary Term, to take office at the beginning of the following Trinity.
Eligibility to stand for office extends to any person who has sat on the committee, but must be a matriculated student for their entire tenure
The election procedure will start with a short presentation by each candidate in an order chosen at random by the chair. Committee members and observers may then direct questions to the chair to be answered by both candidates. The order in which candidates answer questions shall rotate with each question.
The election for the position of President shall take place first as any unsuccessful candidates may then put themselves forward for the position of Secretary or Treasurer.
Voting members may vote for any candidate or may choose to vote to Re-Open Nominations, but no votes are transferable.
The election of a candidate shall be determined by a simple majority vote. 
Voting on the election of officers shall be taken by a show of hands.


5. Voting Rights


The quorum of the Committee meeting shall be at least fifteen voting members.
Only one representative from each Full, Discretionary or Half Blue Club shall be allowed to vote.
Any observers to the meeting will not have voting rights.
Anyone proposing a motion does not relinquish his voting rights.
Any status change affecting voting rights will take effect in the subsequent meeting.

For promotion to, or maintenance of Full Blue: ten Full Blue voting members of the Committee shall be required, but such a quorum shall include no more than four representatives.

No application for Full Blues or change of Full Blue status shall be granted unless it receives the support of at least nine Full Blue members of the Committee or their representatives.

[MD1] For promotion to or maintenance of Discretionary Full Blue ?[MD2] 
For the granting of Half Blues, or a change of Half Blues status, a quorum of twenty Full Blue and Half Blue voting members of the Committee shall be required, but no more than one-third of the quorum should be representatives.[MD3] 



The President shall not represent any Full or Half Blue sport in a vote or debate on any motion before the Committee. In the event of the President also holding the post of Captain of a Full or Half Blue sport he shall not exercise the voting right of that sport. He may invite a representative of his club to attend on behalf of his club, or he may make an apology for that sport. Any such representative of the President’s sport shall vote independently of any instruction or advice given by the President at any time.
The President or Secretary shall only have a vote in the following circumstances:

In the event of a tied vote, the President shall have a casting vote in which he may not abstain.
The Secretary shall only have a vote if he is chairing the debate and the vote on the motion is tied, he shall then exercise a casting vote and may not abstain.


6. of Meetings

Motions and agenda items

Motions and other agenda items must be submitted in written form (on paper or via email) to the secretary at least a week before the meeting.
The president and secretary may also add motions to the agenda including reviews of clubs.
Any motion submitted to the committee shall not be reconsidered in similar form within one calendar year, unless there have been significant changes to its content.
All votes on status reviews and criteria changes are to by held by secret ballot.


Content of Motions

Status/Criteria Changes :

all motions for change of status must include a written report addressing the General Criteria for the awarding of Blues (see Appendix 2)
Failure to produce a review proposal will result in the suspension of that club’s ability to make awards. Should there be a Varsity Match before a satisfactory review has been completed all awards resulting from this are subject to the outcome of the subsequent review.
If the committee does not approve the proposed review the club may present an amended review at the following meeting. If this also fails the club must reapply for Status. Should there be a Varsity Match before a satisfactory review has been completed all awards resulting from this must be proposed to the committee.
For the granting of Half Blues or a change of Half Blue status any amendment must carry a two thirds majority vote.
For the granting of Discretionary Full Blues or a change to Discretionary Full Blue status only Discretionary Full Blue and Full Captains and representatives may vote. Amendments must carry a two third majority.
For the granting of Full Blues or a change to Full Blue status only Full Blue captains and representatives may vote. Amendments must carry a two third majority in favour. 
Any changes in status will come into effect no sooner than the start of the following season or the 1st October following the change if a season is not clearly delineated.

Awarding of Extraordinary Blues:

A report should be included addressing the General Guidelines for the awarding of Extraordinary Blues (see Appendix 2) and include enough detail for the committee to come to an informed decision as to whether the applicant adequately fulfils the criteria.
The motion for an extraordinary award may not been presented by the applicant but by another member of his club or another member of the OUMBC.
For the granting of extraordinary Full Blues only Full Blue captains and representatives may vote. This vote must carry a majority.   



7. Amendments to this constitution

and altered accordingly.a)                    The above clauses should be reviewed at least every five years


Any amendment to this constitution must be carried by a two-thirds majority of which no more than 10 are representatives.


Last revised 5th October 2013

Proposed by: Max Denning (President 2013-2014)

Seconded by: Alex Fraser (Secretary 2013-2014)

Appendix 1

Varsity Match Eligibility as Agreed by the Joint Blues Committee[MD5] 

An agreement between the Blues Committees of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge with respect to Varsity Competitions.

Drafted and approved by the Joint Blues Committee on 28 February 1983, with alteration approved on 13 November 1997 to come into force from 1 October 1998. Reviewed 12th March 2001.

A resident bona fide student member of the University is eligible to compete in an Oxford versus Cambridge sporting contest subject to the stipulations that he or she is:

a matriculated and fully registered member of both a College and of the University: and
registered for, and actively studying for, a recognised degree, diploma or certificate of the University; and
in residence for at least an undergraduate term in which the Varsity match falls, or the preceding one, fulfilling University residence requirements; and either
is an undergraduate, thus reading for undergraduate, thus reading for a first degree, in which case his or her eligibility continues until 30th September in the year in which he or she completes his or her undergraduate course


is already the holder of a degree from a recognised University and is therefore reading for a second degree, or for a diploma, certificate or higher degree of the University, in which case his or her eligibility is limited to four (4) years of fulfilling the University's residency requirements. These four years need not be consecutive.
The eligibility of such a graduate student is limited until his or her results are published in Reporter (Cambridge) or the Examination Schools (Oxford).


Appendix 2
Status Of Full And Half Blue Sports

To change the status of a sport a request must be made to the Committee one week before the meeting. Details are required about the results and training of the club.

There must have been three Varsity matches before a club is considered for a status change; and after such a status change, the club is subject to three years probation.

Every three years a club will be called to give a review of their status to the committee. There will then be a vote to approve the status and any changes made to it. The review should be submitted in document form.

Please send the review the to Blues Secretary at least two days before the meeting.

The document needs to include:

Background of Sport:

Basic rules and point of the sport.

Simple explanation of rules/point scoring in your VM.

Background of Oxford Club:

Year of foundation of Club.

Year of first Varsity Match.

Number of squad members.

Participants in the University.

Number of fixtures and leagues play in.

Cuppers competition.

Popularity of sport Nationally.

Varsity Match

Scoring in the Varsity Match.

Number of Players in the 1st team.

Current Status:

What is the current status?

Explain criteria and what it means.

Number of awards possible to be given.

Who takes the decision to award (i.e. Captain’s discretion or OU Blues Committee, etc.)

Status Remain/Status Change:

Justify current status and why it should remain the same.

Add in BUSA or National ranking Criteria in line with OUWBC directive.

Explain why you feel it should change.

How you would like it to change.

Criteria For Full Blue Sports

There must be an annual match against Cambridge.
The sport must be a major one within the University
The Club must have a high standard compared with other amateur Clubs.
There must be Considerable College organisation, with recognised Colleges playing each other.
There must be a substantial degree of athletic ability required.
There must be an inveterate organisation and tradition of participation within the U.K. and the University.

N.B. For Discretionary Full Blue and Half Blue sports, criteria 2, 4 and 6 are not so important.


Appendix 3

Discretionary Full Blue requirements

Awards made at the captain's discretion should be to those he feels worthy of such an award. In making this award, he must have regard to six Blues Sport criteria:  

result against Cambridge
overall contribution of the individual(s).

Discretionary Full Blues are upgrades of Half Blues and may be awarded when certain criteria are achieved. Such awards must be presented in writing to the President who will approve or disapprove them, in the case of the latter the awards may be proposed before the committee.


Awarding of University Team Colours

First and second team colours are awarded at the captain’s discretion according to internal club criteria. It is an absolute requirement that players have participated in the varsity match. It is the recommendation of OUMBC that colours be awarded to those players who have participated in the VM but come short of the requirements for a major award.'

Retrospective Applications

Retrospective applications for individual Full, Discretionary or Half Blues are only allowed if they were not made at the correct time due to administration errors. They must be submitted within one year of the individual concerned leaving the university. Also, the application must be considered under the criteria for such awards as they were at the time when the application should have been made.



Appendix 4
Men's Blues Grant

The annual Men's Blues Grant is open to all sportsmen in the University who have received a Blue, Half Blue or Colours from the Men's Blues Committee. The grant should be awarded to an individual who has shown excellent sporting performance for use towards future personal development (eg. new personal equipment, training camp, travel with national team, etc.).

Applications should be no more than 300 words and countersigned by two people willing to recommend the applicant (eg. club president, coach, etc.). Applicants should include details of funding received from other sources (eg. from colleges, other sports grants and scholarships). Applications must be received by the President at least a week before the first meeting of Hilary Term.

All applications will be reviewed by the President, Secretary and Treasurer. In the event that a conflict of interest may arise that officer should remove themself from the discussion and be replaced by the Sports Federation President. The shortlist shall be narrowed to two names. The awarding of the grant shall be by majority vote.